The Plot


The plot centres around four international delegates preparing a document to articulate "critical and valuable" principles from history and apply them in the context of modern society. While these delegates discuss certain points in history, some accounts are re-enacted for the audience to see. These stories become personal to one of the delegates (Paul) as he discovers that the keys to the restoration of his family lie in principles revealed in history.

The production draws on history to drive its plot. 2016 marked one year after the 100th anniversary since the Armenian Massacre in the time of WW1. During the production characters quote Hitler, who allegedly motivated Nazi Germany into more bloodshed in WWII by referring to how the world did nothing when an estimated 1.5 million Armenian Christians were killed by Muslim Turks. During a key moment in the production, characters also quote former President Nelson Mandela to highlight the principle of forgiveness as a key in transforming South Africa and the world.

Blood Speaks is a Christian production depicting scenes of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It creates a platform for discussion and asks the question: “Revenge because of the facts or forgiveness because of the truth?”

Through the story’s timeline, characters make statements such as: “…there is bloodshed that speaks of justification, revenge and selfish destructive agendas where history repeats itself…” and “ The interpretation of the blood shed on the cross of Christ gives the objective message that speaks of reconciliation, forgiveness, freedom and harmony between people…” so that the audience can think of the question “Can we learn from our past?

Through the choices of various characters, we see forgiveness, grace and tolerance building a future, and the lack of forgiveness, bitterness and revenge bringing destruction. Factual history encourages the audience to choose wisely between the two lines of thought – to build or destroy.

I forgive them, God forgives them; it is not me. If they accept their mistake, that will help to prevent genocide, but we will have to pray for them to change their understanding. – Quote from Alice Shnorhokian (survivor of Amernian genocide)